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Sex with a sleeping partner

So it was all systems go with our little angel right there. So, what have we done to keep the passion alive and to keep from going AWOL with sexual frustration? Babies have a way of distracting their mommies just by existing. Getting a straight answer may feel impossible, even something as simple as how their day at work went. Sex is not synonymous with the master bedroom. It makes those moments are sexual tension more manageable. Here is the funny thing though.

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Sex with a sleeping partner

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  1. Sexual intercourse (or coitus or copulation) is principally the insertion and thrusting of the penis, usually when erect, into the vagina for sexual pleasure, reproduction, or both.

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  3. Sex with sleeping wife. by Soliel. Based on a comment left below I have decided to expand this topic that was started by a guest poster with a story from my own experience.

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