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Sex in fredricks lingerie

Every press agent has met the man who is too busy to talk to him, but who has plenty of time to carry on a conversation with the typewriter or "josh" the girl at central; we have all come in contact with the Sunday editor who tosses aside our expensive etchings as "junk," and who tells us with brutal frankness that our photographs are worthless and lack every essential for successful reproduction; we all know the dramatic editor who considers the circus beneath his dignity, but who finally consents to "whip our stuff into shape," and use a paragraph Thursdays and Saturdays before the show; we also know and dread the man who promises everything, insists on us leaving all our feature stories, cuts and photographs, thus eliminating any possibility of the opposition paper getting them, and then lays the entire bunch of stuff away in a drawer and forgets them; we all, individually and collectively, know the editor who answers our greeting with the marrow-freezing, "Well, what is it? The full list of those who participated in the picnic and celebration follows: Special writers simply annihilated their type-writers and Kansas City and the surrounding country talked of nothing else. The roster of the show is as follows: The lingerie in this review was provided by Adore Me.

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