Patong beach sex blog. Patong Beach Shopping - Where to Shop in Patong Beach

Patong beach sex blog

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Patong beach sex blog Patong beach sex blog

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  1. Patong Beach transforms into a large night bazaar every evening, when all the main roads become clogged with stalls selling handicrafts, silk scarves, sarongs and a variety of beach clothes, leisure wear, leather goods and luggage, CDs, computer games and electronic gadgets and toys.

  2. Walking into the Simon Cabaret show theatre in Patong is just like entering a movie house.

  3. All the girls from Trike Patrol, LBFM, Teen Filipina, Asian Sex Diary, Wild Thai Girls and all of the best Asian sites.

  4. BANGLA ROAD (SOI BANGLA) LOCATION: PATONG. The absolute spectacle that is Soi Bangla can not be explained, it must be seen for itself. Bangla Road is the beating heart of the Phuket nightlife and is one of the major reasons for many tourists to grace the shores of Phuket Island.

  5. Our last day in Phuket/Patong Beach, before heading to the Phi Phi Islands, was supposed to be laid back. Me, my sister, and a guy we met at the hostel headed to the.

  6. What web site on beaches would be complete without some mention of a naturist beach in Phuket?

  7. Exotica A Go Go is a little bit different than most Go Go Bars in Phuket, with a all-white motif, brighter, more modern and definitely more classy design.

  8. RAILEY BEACH. Railey is a destination in itself and many tourists visit the island every year, especially’s mostly known for the rock climbing, and as you can see on the pictures below, you’ll get rocks aplenty.

  9. We imagine that all long term nudists who are reading this will now raise their hands, ready to type a load of complaints at our address .

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