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Creamy white discharge everyday during sex

If a disturbance of the balance of bacteria in your vagina occurs, it can interfere your menstrual cycle and cause excessive discharge. During this phase, hormone changes may go on a ramp, ovarian follicles will deplete, and you may experience hot flashes, irregular periods, libido and dry vagina. Women with this issue have irregular periods, acne, weight gain, and improper facial hair. Menopause The process of menopause starts few years before itself, which is called as perimenopause. You can freely treat white discharge as entirely natural lubrication.

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Creamy white discharge everyday during sex Creamy white discharge everyday during sex

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  1. 2. Thick, Cloudy White Discharge (From Clear to Milky White) Once again, if there is no bad smell or you feel no discomfort, this type of discharge is quite harmless. As your cycle progresses, your vaginal discharge will begin to thicken.

  2. White Discharge and Missed Period. If you had an unprotected sex in your fertile period then missed period and white discharge can be an indication of pregnancy.

  3. Iím in a similar situation. I normally have white discharge during ovulation before I got married and even after I did. I had sex with my husband consecutively two days and one day to my ovulation day.

  4. Can You Tell If You're Pregnant By Checking Cervical Mucus? Vaginal Discharge, Implantation Bleeding, and Leukorrhea During Early Pregnancy.

  5. You can look out for some physical signs that will help you tell when youíre ovulating (release an egg). A reliable sign is an increase in vaginal discharge, which changes from white, creamy or non-existent to clear, stretchy and slippery when you ovulate.

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